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This ‘Service Agreement’ gives you information about the terms upon which we agree to offer and provide you with our Products and Services. If it is necessary to change the Services Agreement or add or remove any part at any time, we will post such changes on the Website. It is your responsibility to check the Website for any changes. You agree to be bound by such changes if you should continue to use the Products and Services.These are the conditions to which you are agreeing to, by purchasing any of our services.


Full details of the Products and Services and what is included and the price of each is detailed on the Website.

All owners of the Property

When you Instruct 99bucksrealty you confirm that you do so with the knowledge, consent and agreement of each and all of the legal owners and occupiers and those who have an interest in the marketing and/or sale of the Property. Further, you confirm that you have all relevant authorities and authorizations as are necessary or required to enable you to take advantage of the Products and Services.

Paying for the services:

We will only charge you the Advertised Rates for the Products and Services.The Advertised Rates are fixed. Advertised rates are including VAT, but extra services may be prices excluding VAT. As it stands, you will only have the option to Pay Now If you choose to Pay Now you will be required to provide us with your credit or debit card details and we will obtain approval for an amount up to the amount of the transaction and debit that amount from your card, or send an invoice which is payable online. This information we take, will never be stored on our systems.

Cancellations and refunds

Once you have ordered our services you will be liable to pay the total value. If you have taken a service in which you instruct one of our agents to visit your property, you will be liable to pay 80% of the fee in the event the appointment failed due to no-show, unsuitability of property for marketing etc. Should you wish to cancel or withdraw any Products and Services you may do so at any time. However, under no circumstances will any full or part credit be made in respect of Advertised Rates. You can withdraw your advert at any time by calling advertised phone numbers, or emailing the team on In certain circumstances you may be able to re-list the property within a designated period after withdrawal, usually within 4 weeks and for 50% discounted rate. Details will be made available at the time of seeking to withdraw/relist your Advert.

Your advert

Should you take advantage of Products and Services where the Local expert and account management team creates your Advert for approval, 99bucksrealty will notify you as soon as the Advert is available for approval. We always aim to do this as soon as reasonably practicable. We reserve the right to refuse to allow any image to be uploaded, made live or presented on any marketing or property portal that we consider in our absolute discretion to be inappropriate, inaccurate, misleading or likely to cause distress or embarrassment to anyone viewing the image You are responsible with ensuring that all descriptions, photographs, floor plans and information uploaded and/or used in any advertising and marketing are accurate, current and are in no way misleading. If any of the information you provide or approve is or is found to be in breach of these terms, it will be removed immediately – However, there will be no full or part credit in respect of Advertised Rates under these circumstances. We will advertise and market your property for the Advertisement Period on such property portals, websites or publications as we consider to be the most effective at securing interest on your property from potential purchasers and tenants in our absolute discretion. We may withdraw or no longer take advantage of the services of such property portals, websites or publications at our absolute discretion. The advertised prices on the website do state adverts will be kept live until sold.

Extra products:


Subject to Interruption we will arrange and record viewings through our back-end. You will be notified immediately a viewing is booked. We will provide you with the name of the person(s) who wish to view together with the date and time. If 99bucksrealty are conducting the viewings on your behalf, you will still be notified of the above information.


Subject to Interruption, if you have chosen to conduct your own viewings you may refer your account manager when you are available. This will enable people who want to view, to choose a date and time to suit them. You will be notified when a viewing is booked. Where a viewing is requested outside of this availability, the account manager will ask that you confirm the viewing. It is your responsibility to do this immediately.


We will request feedback from every person who has viewed or was due to view your property. We will prompt them for feedback continuously unless they confirm that they do not wish to provide feedback. You can track these

requests via your personal account manager The feedback will be immediately available through your account manager as soon as it has been provided and will be exactly as provided by the person concerned.


We will report offers to you immediately they are. The nature, extent, position of the potential purchaser or tenant and desire to proceed, will be requested and provided to you automatically as the offer is made. We will make such reasonable checks as are possible to ensure the offer made meets our criteria for a sale to proceed. The information will always be made available exactly how it is provided by the potential purchaser. You will get a choice whether to accept the offer, reject the offer, reject and negotiate.

We will always act on your behalf and negotiate the best possible offer for your property, without any conflict of interest.

We will always inform you as soon as we become aware of anyone making an offer for your property that is in any way connected with 99bucksrealty.

In the event that you are aware of any personal interest from anyone connected with 99bucksrealty you should notify us immediately. We will then make such enquiries as we consider necessary and provide you with a notification in writing of the nature of the personal interest. You will have the sole discretion to decide whether you wish to deal with the person or persons concerned. We will never knowingly permit any offer to be made or sale agreed with someone connected to 99bucksrealty unless we have provided you with written notice. This written notice will ordinarily be displayed when you review the offer.

Sale Agreed

We will provide you as far as reasonably practicable with advice and assistance once a sale is agreed.


For the effective use of the Products and Services we will be providing certain people with personal information such as your name, address, contact details, viewing availability, agreed sale price and position to proceed. It is your responsibility to provide accurate up to date personal

information to us.

Third party companies

We may receive commission for introducing you but only when you agree to take advantage of such products or services. You may decide of your own free will and we will never pressurise or require you to use such products or services. You hereby expressly agree and accept that in the event that we introduce a product or service from a third party company that we may accept a payment or commission as a result of that introduction. Where requested, we will instruct on your behalf third parties to conduct some of the services advertised by 99bucksrealty. Whilst we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that they continue to provide an exceptional service we cannot accept liability for the conduct and service of those third parties acting on your behalf.

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